The attendants of Workshop Azyl had to create a short film about the Truth in five days. This is one of them.

Director: Amália Kotradyová

About movie:
Everybody is surrounding himself by own knowledge and ideas that we consider truthful, but only because it’s suitable. It’s comfortable to be in our own, not endangered bubble. Our personality is often drawn in exchange of ideas and with exploring of new information. Inflated is the story of four main characters that represent people like us. Someone needs to enforce his opinions and someone rather exchanges them while drinking coffee. There are some that are dependent on others and then on the contrary there are some that believe only what they can prove. However, the truth is somewhere in the middle, somewhere between all of us. But we will never be able to find out all of it. Still, we can get close enough only if we won’t be afraid to burst our bubbles, let them be inflated a bit by someone else or let them be blown out from our heads.

About director:
My name is Amália and I’m living in Bratislava. I study at the Grammar school of Ján Papánek and in my free time I love photography and film. I’m excited by carrying of small hand cameras on which I can rely as on diary or memory. What I love the most about the photography are metaphors, that I can transfer. I’m fascinated by multifunctionality and linking of various types of art into one in movies. All inspiration is fuzzing around me every extravagant or regular day, full of different people. Therefore I know if it’s good or bad, everything can be used in creation that can show that we are not alone in all these feelings.

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