The attendants of Workshop Azyl had to create a short film about the Truth in five days. This is one of them.

Director: Kristína Nemcová

About movie:
With my movie I tried to touch the idea of the return into the inside of one’s being and back to the origin – the instructions of how to not be fooled. The nature, together with the truth, is gradually outgrowing through grey concrete to win in the end. Is the escape into the nature, inner silence the key to the chaos of the modern world?

About director:
My name is Kika, I’m from Banská Bystrica and I’m studying at Evangelical grammar school. During primary school I loved reading books and stories became part of my life. So I was always dragged to the movies, from the beginning mostly because of storytelling, but gradually I’ve started to dive into this world more and more.

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