During a five day workshop attendants made short movies on the theme Ecology with subtheme Global warming.


About movie:

Cat warming deals with unhealthy relationships. Man has a natural need to be full, but we still don’t have enoughNeeds have no limits, but the quantity of goods is limitedConsumption is supported by advertising for a happy life, but we only receive onions with a bag and with the need to refill it.

About director:

My name is Amália and I’m living in Bratislava. I study at the Grammar school of Ján Papánek and in my free time I love photography and film. I’m excited by carrying of small hand cameras on which I can rely as on diary or memory. What I love the most about the photography are metaphors, that I can transfer. I’m fascinated by multifunctionality and linking of various types of art into one in movies. All inspiration is fuzzing around me every extravagant or regular day, full of different people. Therefore I know if it’s good or bad, everything can be used in creation that can show that we are not alone in all these feelings.