During a five day workshop attendants made short movies on the theme Ecology with subtheme Global warming.

Directed by DANIEL VARGA

About movie:

The film uses satire to point out some exaggerated reactions and hypocrisy of people in solving ecological issues, and with its action it tries to attract and leave some effect in the viewer. And Eastern dialect at the end… why not?

About director:

My name is Daniel, I come from Košice and I have been studying at Gymnázium Alejová for the second year. I have been doing photography as a hobby for about 4 years now and I tried making a film for the first time at this year’s workshop. In filmmaking, I am particularly interested in the technical side of production, as well as in photography and other interests. In addition, I play the flute, guitar, I do 3D printing, computer science, reading, economics and I am a libertarian.