During a five day workshop attendants made short movies on the theme Ecology with subtheme Global warming.


About movie:

Short film SWEATY sharply criticizes deniers of global warming, who heedlessly upload lies in the form of statuses and have a catastrophic impact on their surroundings. It also points to the human phenomenon of repression and denial of the problem, which replaces solving the situation. This is true not only with hoaxers, but also in everyday life, when people try to choose an easier way in which they sweat more and the result is devastating for them and society.

About director:

My name is Eva Gabrižová, I am 17 years old, I am dedicated to volunteering, environmental activism, but above all to filmmaking and photography. For me, filmmaking is a beautiful way of creativity and imagination, I enjoy working with people in the field, it brings me incredible experience and satisfaction. I am interested in film and art, but I also like to discuss social and political topics, I like their connection the most. These areas may seem to be very far from each other, but this perspective is what inspires me to create. Music is an inexhaustible muse for me. While listening to experimental music, I can imagine images that I later capture with my camera and create visual material. In this way we create duo Madness, which started my interest in camera, editing and visual effects. I am more impulsive than systematic in my work, but I think that gives work’s authenticity, which is one of the most important elements in art.