Over the course of five days, the participants of the Workshop AZYL created a short film with the theme of Ecology and the sub-theme Recycling.


Directed by: BROŇA MACOVÁ

About movie:

We feel the need for ecology more and more, we try to touch it, to influence it, but it is seldom the first thing we think about. This is a bit humorous in my film. It should not be a priority only when we are in the mood for it. We should use it as a space for creativity. Maybe eventually the poet will find inspiration in the film.

About director:

My name is Broňa and I am a student at a grammar school in Piešťany. I attend the art and music department, but in addition to the guitar and pencil, I really like to take photos, I love cinema and books. For me, the film is a way to understand topics that I cannot experience firsthand. I wanted to try the process of its creation.